The Electric Warrior TD 165

Our TD 165 shares the same plinth, rewiring and sound damping as our TD 160.    Sonic quality is very close.  The main differences are cosmetic, upgradability and the vapours of the TD 160’s legendary reputation. 

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The compelling reason to buy any Thorens turntable is that it is a classic.   A classic may not be recognised for years, decades or even centuries but a classic is a classic the day it is made.  A classic machine has all the allure of a work of art.  It differs only in that it was made for use.  Thorens turntables are rare because very few machines survive obsolescence and fewer indeed deify it.  The reason to buy one, now, is that  they are very undervalued but will not remain so.  You simply can’t go wrong.

Suspended sub chassis turntables are very expensive to built which is why these vintage Thorens turntables are highly valued by vinyl aficionados.    The TD 165 is the entry level to suspended sub chassis turntables delivering a sonic experience way beyond contemporary turntable at the same price.  

It comes with a guarantee on parts and labour and, provided there is no damage you can return after 30 days.

Electric Warrior Turntables TD 165 Upgraded And Restored

Our restored TD 165 is extraordinary value because it is substantially the same as the Electric Warrior TD 160.  We use the same upgrade parts, sonic treatments and polishing techniques.  Their sustainability is underwritten by our commitment to supporting them into the future and by the growing number independent parts manufactures and repair shops that specialise in them.   They are easy to maintain, upgrade and fix so, our video tutorials will enable you to make any adjustments or upgrades you desire.

The TD 160 and TD 165 came at the same time, with the td 165 hitting a lower price point.  They are exactly the same size.  They both have two speeds the support the same headshell.  The performance is similar.   The main differences is the the inner platter on the td 165 is composite with a 7mm platter bearing, the TD 160 has a metal platter and 10mm bearing.   They have different tone arms and motors but they perform about the same.

The cosmetic differences are more telling.  Some of the parts on the TD 165 are inferior and don’t wear as well.  These parts include the knobs which are all plastic on the 165, metal and plastic on the td160, the main cosmetic difference is that the top plates on the TD 160 have a more durable finish.


I could make a small profit from the sale of my stock TD 145 from 1975.  That’s not bad after forty years of service.   In the past five years the price has doubled and is likely to continue to rise.  There is only so many of these around and people who buy them don’t let them go.   They grow into your heart becoming central your pleasure in music.

Very few contemporary objects have such an enduring personality.   In a few years time you might realise a small profit on the sale.  If you decide to trade up to a TD 160 at a later date Electric Warrior Turntables will give you the full value of your original purchase.   TD 16x and 14x are virtually indestructible.  There is simply no way to go wrong when you buy a Thorens TD 165.