Quick Check – You Must Do All Of The Following.

  • Secure the two retaining/travel screws on the underside of the turntable.
  • Pack the large platter underneath the turntable – never on top.
  • Secure the small platter in place such that it will not dislodge if the box is upturned.
  • Do not place the dust cover on the turntable. Place some insulation between the dustcover and the turntable – 1cm should be sufficient.Prepare the arm – Remove the head shell, black weight and place them in a small bag or box. Pack the stylus carefully
  • Secure the tone arm
  • Pack around the side and top of the box – 50mm  minimum.
  • Write “Fragile” on the box
  • Indicate  “This Side Up”


Instructions On How To Pack A TD 160 Turntable

Packing the Td 160

You will need two boxes and packaging.
Approx sizes : Inner Box. 40cm x 50 cm x 25. Outer Box 60 x70 x45

Tone Arm

  1. 1  Remove the weights at the back of the arm
  2. 2  Remove the head shell ensuring to protect the stylus. Place in small box, tape down toprotect the stylus – surround with cotton wool.
    Unscrew the barrel screw to release the head shell. Pull the head shell out. If it doesn’t release easily check that the barrel screw is free.
  3. 3  Secure the arm wand to the support using cable tie or elastic band.


  1. 1  Remove the outer heavy platter and mat.
  2. 2  Remove the inner platter if it will come out. Inner platter doesn’t come out on certainmodels. In any case ensure that it is secure.
  3. 3  Turn the turntable on it’s side or upside down – protect the arm.
  4. 4  Tighten the interlocks on the base board. (transport screws).
  5. 5  Inner Patter can be replaced now, but it needs to be secured so that it will stay put duringshipping including if the box is upturned. Wrap it with cling film, bubble wrap or tape -Make sure to tape it. (careful of the woodwork).
  6. 6  Protect the arm with some cardboard / polystyrene / bubblewrap.


Thorens considered its packing important enough to include instructions in the Owners Manual.

Packing the inner box.

  1. 1  Place some protection on the bottom.
  2. 2  Place the outer platter at the bottom the box.
  3. 3  Padding above.
  4. 4  Place the turntable on top – check that the arm is protected— layer of cardboard.

Dust Cover.

1 Fill the dust cover with supportive padding, cardboard or poly. Place packing material between the dust-cover and the plinth – at least 50mm.  Sit dust-cover on top of the the turntable cardboard – right side up. Layer of protection above and on all sides.

Close the box.

Box 2

Place padding material on the bottom of the larger box.
Place small box into large box.
Protect the sides, tightly packed newspaper balls, pieces of card eat. Pack tightly. Place USP label on the box.